Driver Selection Program 2020

We DTS Racing is happy to announce our Second Driver Selection Program on 14-15 March 2020 in Kari Motor Speedway Coimbatore. The winner of the selection program will get free drive in JK Tyre Rookie Cup 2020.


Driver Eligibility Criteria

  • The driver should drive a normal road car.
  • Driver shouldn’t have prior racing experience.
  • Karting experience is allowed.
  • There is No age limits.
  • Driver can drive this formula car before in an academy or in any training programs but he shouldn’t participate in any FMSCI road racing four wheeler events.


Driver Selection Criteria

Those who all register will be given a five lap session in our Formula Cars (F1300) and considering the fastest lap times of everyone we will short list the top twenty drivers and the top twenty will be given another five laps session. Who ever dose the fastest lap time among that top twenty drivers without going of the track that one particular driver will get a free drive in JK Tyre Novice Cup 2020 and Basic and Advance Level Training program for free from our Academy and the rest Nineteen drivers who makes it to that top twenty they get a Subsided budget for the Academy fee as well as the Championship.


Registration Fee : ₹ 20,000.

To Register fill this up and send it back to us


Selection Program


It’s first come first so hurry up

For more info :
+91 – 766 666 66 37
+91 – 944 666 02 00

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